BraBlems We All Have Them

third love.jpg

So ladies we all have a love-hate relationship with our bra. We want our ta-ta’s to be super perky but we also want to be super comfortable. I was asked a very important question; since great fitting clothes are essential in putting together an outfit, isn’t a great fitting bra just as important? You can have on your cutest outfit but your bra just keeps riding up or your strapping keep slipping down, this will mess up your entire night and can break your confidence. In this post, I will be giving you the answer to all your bra problems.My ta-ta’s are on the smaller side my biggest problem is that my straps like to slip down every five seconds; this is totally annoying and makes me want to scream. I have found the solution; Third Love is a great company that can help you fix your bra-blems and find the perfect bra.


If you haven’t heard about Third Love you have been missing out it is an incredible company. This company sales bras, and underwear; they have unlimited sizes and styles. On their website the help you find your breast shape, the best bra style, bra sizes chart, and underwear size chart. Just click this link to get to Third Love Bra 101 and all your bra-blems will end, and that’s a promise. Did I mention that they have a iPhone app to measure your bra size, knowing your bra size is important so download the app and get measured.

So ThirdLove has given me a few treats to give my readers. They gave me this amazing guide with all the simple tips and tricks. I literally saved this guide to my phone, so I suggest you to do the same. You can try their bras before you purchase them; click the link to get a Free Trial. Go check out use the free trial and if you like what you tried then us the coupon code BRABLEMS to get 15% off your order.










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