Building The Black Community

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This is a topic that has been heavy on my heart for a while now. I sat in the car after work and had a long discussion with my boyfriend on FaceTime. This is something that my generation does not think about and the generations below me definitely don’t think about it. I feel that it is my job to get this information out to the black community so that we can build a better life for us. This topic is not thought about because our generation and the multiple generations below us feel that America has evolved and that being black no longer means you have to work hard. Well, that’s not true and those of us who know that we know that we must work harder than the person beside us to get where we want to get.

What do I mean by Building the Black Community?

When you look at other races what do you see? Unity. You see them helping each other out, you see family businesses. This is something that is not seen every day in the black community. If you go to a jail or prison, when you are in prison you are hanging out with people of the same race because at the end of the day we look out for each other. We need to take the mindset of those criminals and incorporate it into our lives every day.
We do not support each other, we have to stand together because in this world we are not the dominant race, and we have the power to do so. We don’t like to go to the black owned nail salon, why not? Are we being haters, why go to the Chinese or Vietnamese shop when you can pay the same amount at the black owned salon; they went to school for it so they are beyond qualified. Why not go the black-owned bank, even encourage you kids to open up their own bank one day, because like I said we have to support each other.

How other cultures build their Community.

Now think about Hispanics and Indians. Hispanics have found their niche, something that they are good at and they have expanded on it. They are hard workers, they will have your house spotless or your lawn looking beautiful. Yes, Hispanics can do more than these things but just keep listening. When someone comes to your house and does your lawn work they are mostly all Hispanic or even family. The first person they go to is someone who they can relate to; they keep it in the family, they keep it in the community. By doing this they are not only growing their business but they are helping the Hispanic community grow and become dominant in what they do.
Indians are very family and culture oriented; everything they do they do it with each other. In an Indian house, it is important to be friends with other Indians; this not only keeps their community strong but it keeps them well connected. Indians are also hard workers. This could be because their ancestors were not from here and they appreciate the fact that America has the freedom that it does. Their parents have instilled the importance of community and family and they continue to pass it down. These are two totally different communities but they have one thing in common which helps then grow and succeed as a community every day; unity.

How to Build the Black Communities.

You have all this information now how can you take action? How can you build your black community? It’s simple just look out for your sisters and brothers. Growing up as young black kids we are told that we can’t make it in this white man’s world. All it takes is for someone to tell us that we can do it, that being black doesn’t mean failure. Even the adults need to change their mindset. Stop hating on other black successful people and connect with them. If you know your job is hiring and your friend needs a job, or you see someone on Facebook that is talking about getting laid off tell them about it. We as a community need to work harder and focus on the things that really matter. Stop competing to eliminate the opponent and compete to make you both a better person. You know what we should not even think of each other as opponents, more so teammates. We are fighting for the same cause, so let’s act like it.

Instead of talking about how hard life can be, talk about how you can make life better, not for yourself but for the beautiful black community. Tell a kid that you believe in them and let them know you are there for them. Use #BBC on Social Media so that others can get a clue and start doing better not only for themselves but for the community.

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