Me, Myself, & I #creativeselflove

self loveI have the great opportunity to be apart of a blogging community on Facebook and through that blog I was introduced to the kindle book Me, Myself, & I ~ 28 Days of Creative Self-Love written by Cheryl Bridges. This book talks about different ways to we can love yourself more fully; the books takes different approaches that help you in your journey to better self-love.

The day in the book that really connected with me the most was day 22 which is titled I Am. What I took from reading this day’s journal entry was that you must thank yourself for all your wonderful achievements that you have accomplished and for overcoming the hurdles that were in your way. It also talked about your support system and the people who helped you overcome these obstacles. In the journal reflection it also talked about spirituality and who you look up to as far as high power and how they have helped you on your journey. I will write what I have in my journal for this day below.

This past year I can really say that I have been through so much as far as school and relationships with family and friends. School have really been challenging for me this past year, I think it is mostly because it was hard for me to adjust to the life on a big campus. I am a party girl and when you live in a big city there are many places to party. Also this year me and my parents got into a big argument and didn’t talk for months it’s a very long story i’ll tell you guys more about it.  Through all this I would have to say my biggest support system would have to be my uncle. Through this time I was staying with him and he was very supportive. I could tell him almost anything.  Me personally I really learned that sometimes you have to just buckle down and do good for yourself because sometimes you might be alone one day in the world.

I am a Christian and I believe that I can do all thing through Christ who strengthens me. I prayed a lot during this time because he has all the answers; he knows what will happen before it happens.  When I find myself not really in the word and talking to God there is this chaotic chapter in my life. When I feel this happening I know it’s time for me to get in the word.


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