Winter Bucket List

Well it’s cold outside! Which means I will be in hibernation, the cold is not my thing! This winter I have decided to get out and “enjoy” the cold. I have came up with a few things that I want to do this winter to fully enjoy this “wonderful” season. These are only a few things I will do another post in a few weeks if I get any new ideas. Comment below some ideas for me to do thins winter.

  1. Go Ice Skating: This is going to be a challenge for me because I barely know how to skate. I am going to try and convince my friends to go with me and I will be buying pads to protect myself.
  2. Have a Christmas Party: I have always wanted to have a Christmas Party! It will be a very high scale party of course. I will most likely invite my friends only.
  3. Go to New York: Yes I do not like the cold, but everyone needs to experience a white winter. In North Carolina it snows every so often but it’s nothing compared to New York. I am planning a trip to NY for new Years.
  4. Go to the Lights Show: I believe we have one in my city; if not I will gladly travel to one. I love the lights shows but I don’t go every year.

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