How Im Preparing For Finals

Its that time of the year! I absolutely dread finals, it is the most stressful time of the semester. I really haven’t been the most productive person this semester so I have a lot of studying. My first final is December 11th. I have a total of four finals; and as I am typing this I am realizing how close my final is. I have been studying for my finals since Thanksgiving. Here is a few tips for Finals!

  1. Back-planning- Plan ahead: Sit down and count how many days you have until your final. Each day should be dedicated to a certain number of chapters that you will review
  2. Set a Time aside: When studying or finals you usually are still learning new content; therefore you cant forget to do do your homework that’s due. Setting a time aside will ensure that you can get everything done.
  3. Find study partners: Studying with someone will make it easier for you to stay focused. They don’t have to be in your class, they are just there so you won’t be so lonely.


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