Follow Your Dreams


This Summer is going to be all about me and what I want to do. Over time you learn noone really knows what you want other than you. With that being said you have to go out and do what makes you happy. We all know what we want out of life but not all of us have the ambition to get up and do what we want. That has been my biggest problem. I have so much planned for myself but I never complete it. I have half written business plans, all I need to do is put it in motion.Here are my dreams and my plan of action to purse them:

Modeling: I have watched ever single season of Americas Next Top Model. It has been my dream to model my whole life. I have already set up 2 photo shoots; one with a clothing line and other with a photographer. I am now in contact with someone who is involved with Charlotte Fashion Week, hopefully I will be able to walk at that event. This only took one phone call for these things to get done.

Blogging: I have been constantly blogging all summer. I never wanted to get paid for blogging but I have had several opportunities to do so. This is very exciting for me, if this is a potential career then I am fine with that. I will start vlogging with in the next month and will potentially start making YouTube Videos.

Now its Your Turn! I dare you to follow your dreams. Starting today you need to make every effort to make yourself happy! Comment below your dreams, you might find someone who has the same dream as you. Tweet and Instagram about your dreams and #506dreams so I can see what guys love to do!

For more of my life follow me:

Instagram: just506blog

Twitter: just506_

Pintrest: lovebuggal

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