Monthly Inspiration//June is full of joy


This month we are going to focus on joy. What is joy; according to Oxford Dictionary joy is the feeling of great pleasure and happiness. Why did I choose joy for this months inspiration? Joy is something that is often confused with happiness. Happiness is a state; meaning that it is a temporary emotion as to where joy could be something you feel continuously.
You gain joy from caring for other without personal gain. It comes from a spiritual acceptance, grattitude, and thankfulness.
Why you should want to feel joyful? Joy comes from inner peace, it is being one with yourself and God. Happiness comes from material objects in your life and is a reflection of outward circumstances.
What are ways you can find joy in everyday life? Sometimes you have to let your inner kid out, and go outside and enjoy nature. Read a book and get lost in it, let your imagination run free. Learn something new or teach something new. Laugh and smile, no matter what happens;a joyful person has a joyful life. Meditate, pray, and reflect on the word of God this is the most important way to find that continuous joy.
What do you do to be joyful? What are your thoughts on joy vs. happiness? Do you know someone who’s life is full of joy? Tell me more in the comments below. Also talk about it on social media; don’t forget to use #506joyfuljune

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2 thoughts on “Monthly Inspiration//June is full of joy

  1. faithfulfashionablediva says:

    Love your post. Your’re right. Happiness and joy are different. I always strive to have joy as oppose to just being happy.

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