Thoughts//Sophomore Year Rant


So I barely survived my sophomore year but I made it. I partied so much I don’t even care if I don’t get to go out over the summer. I learned lots of thing this year. I earned some new friends and lost some but that is how life is. I haven’t yet declared my major but I plan on doing it in the spring semester. I love my school it was my first semester there and it was just beyond fun. It is a great learning environment and it is so diverse which is something that every college should strive to have. I joined one club it’s called it’s pretty business and it is for female entrepreneurs. I am planning on starting a non – profit so I felt it was the best club for me. I have changed in so many ways. This summer I am going to be working and going to summer school. I am taking 3 online classes which is alot more than it sounds.
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