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Before you begin reading this I need you to know that this is not an article supporting this movement. Many people may find it unusual but keep reading to find out why I am not a proud follower of this movement.

What is #iammorethanadistraction

It is a movement that a group of Middle School girls have started because they feel that the dress code is sexist or “slut-shaming” them. They believe that the boys need more dress code rules and that they focus on the girls too much when it comes to this particular situation. There was a recent incident where a school played a scene from the movie Pretty Women that was meant to encourage the girls to follow dress code. Many students and parents to offense to the video. I think it was a good example showing you that you will be seen the way you dress.

Why I don’t support #iammorethanadistraction

Everyone hates dress code, especially girls. When I was in highschool I use to break dress code all the time and I had to dodge the administration all day. You will never win the dress code battle. You are only in school for 6 hours so just follow dress code, it is only put in place to make the learning environment more appropriate.I am all for young people fighting for what they believe in but fighting to wear booty shorts or crop tops in school is just pointless.  What these young girls are really upset with is the fact that they can’t wear yoga pants, if you’re not doing yoga then don’t wear yoga pants. Yoga pants are revealing, they make your butt look awfully large. Fight for a cause that will make a difference in your education such as new books, new computers, even better cafeteria food. There are many alternatives to yoga pants for example; jogger, harem pants, and linen pants, not only are these cuter than yoga pants but they are more comfortable. Google image yoga pants and that will clearly explain why yoga pants are not appropriate for school.

Yoga Pants: They aren’t even that cute

Harem Pants

Linen Pants




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