506 Eats


I recently went to a restaurant called The Mill with my family. It is a new restaurant in Tega Cay, SC. I originally wanted Taco Bell but somehow I ended up at The Mill. The customer service was amazing. My younger sister didn’t like what she ordered and the manager came over and asked if she wanted to order something new. I can’t remember his name but he was super sweet! If you ever find yourself in the south Charlotte area or Rock Hill,SC area you should check it out. If you go to The Mill tell me about your experience using #506Eats


I ordered Fetichini Alfredo. It was amazing and they give you large serving so I had leftovers for later that night. It came with a wonderful salad and I got what I usually get with salad Blue Cheese dressing. I only drink water when I go out so that’s what I ordered. 

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