TV Obsessed!

The summer for me was all about Netflix and Hulu Plus. Pretty much everybody has a membership for one or the other and if you don’t then you are missing out on life. You can get a free trial for both of these. If you watch YouTube videos lots of You Tubers have codes for you to get a free trial. This summer I totally binged watch about 5 shows this summer and I am proud of that because every moment was memorable. Once I sat down and watched one episode I just couldn’t stop, but everyone who has either Netflix or Hulu Plus has the same problem. Am I right? or Am I right?


Once Upon a Time

This is a show on abc, when it first came out I fell in love with it but I was in high school then and I had no time to watch it. I have been watching it bits at a time on Netflix for the past year. But this summer I obviously binged watched it and watched all 3 seasons. This show takes fairy tales and puts a modern twist on then. Peter Pan is evil, Snow White was a warrior, and Princess Belle fell in love with Rumpelstiltskin. I don’t want to spoil the show so I won’t say anymore. This is a fairytail show for adults.



This show is a Hulu Plus original, and I absolutely love it. Its about these 5 teenagers who are doing community service together and a storm comes and gives them super powers. They seem to always kill people and then cover it up. They all hate each other at the beginning and then they eventually become best of friends, but I guess after murdering multiple people together you will become friends. There powers are being invisible, immortality, rewinding time, reading peoples thought, and a sexual attraction power. What makes there powers so unique is that their power reflects who they are as a person. This show is for the older crowd I will have to say Junior year in high school and older can watch this. There is mild nudity and lots of cursing. This is only on Hulu, I believe there are over 4 seasons so it will be perfect for binge watching.


The Mindy Project

There is only one word to describe this show, Hilarious. The main characters name is Mindy, obviously but she is a doctor and is very outspoken, if she thinks it then she says it. He two co-stars are just as funny, the three of them make up the funniest doctors office. This doctors office definitely mixes personal and business together, which is never good. Not only do you laugh but you just might cry sometimes, but that doesn’t last long because Mindy always breaks the tension in the room. This is available on Netflix, there is currently only a few season but it should be starting back up on TV soon.


Orange is the New Black

This show has been getting a lot of love from the press and its fans. It is about a women name Piper who ends up in jail for a love affair she had in college with another women who was a drug dealer. She definitely did not belong there but she eventually adjusted to the life in prison. There is relationships between guards and inmates, relationships between inmates, there is always the fight to be the “big dogs” in prison, and smuggling things from outside of the prison into the prison. This is a Netflix original so it is only available their. This show is definitely for people 18 and older. There is lots of nudity and harsh language. I wouldn’t even watch this show when kids around unless you know they can’t hear it.


Being Mary Jane

This show takes a look into a talk shows host life name Mary Jane. She has an affair with a  married man, unknowingly at fist but when she finds out she is already in love. Her ongoing drama in her love life is overwhelming for her, but it doesn’t end there, her family also brings drama in her life. None of her siblings work and they are living with there parents, and their mother has cancer. Her niece keeps having kids and the baby daddy/boyfriend is cheating on her and getting other girls pregnant. She goes though all this but somehow has the best talk show in the nation. This show is for 18 and up, the content is to mature for younger kids.


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