I went to Tennessee!!





On Sunday March 9th my team went to Tennessee to play a match. The ride there was amazing. We rode past mountains the whole time. There were two tunnels that went inside the mountains. I wanted to get a video riding through the tunnels but I was always too late trying to record. I’m not really a nature type of girl but I enjoyed the view. I had to have taken 50 pictures. We only went to Jefferson City so we didn’t go to a big town but it looked like Tennessee from the outfits I saw to the accents I heard. The school we played was bigger than my school, but that isn’t really saying much because my school is really small! We didn’t win the match overall but our number one player was the only one to win her singles match and our number one doubles team won also. Everyone played hard during their matches. I got to play one spot up which was really fun.

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