Our Saturday That Never Was But Never Really Was

just bloggers

  Me and Claudia after shopping!

Me and the girls 1

Just chilling at the ATM!


my roomie and I

Can you say Roomies forever!

night time

Just a night-time smile.

On March 1st which was a Saturday that we had no tennis on Saturday or Sunday so that was meant to be the night that we went out and partied like we had no mind. That morning we woke and got all cute and went to the mall to prepare for our night and buy new outfits, the mall was super fun. There was the cutest guy working at Hollister and these guys were making a video for YouTube about how people felt about twerking, that was extremely awkward but it was really funny. I am going to try to get that video. I got the world’s cutest jumpsuit but I did not take a full body picture in it but I’m sure it will be in another post one day. We left the mall and headed back to the room to change and started what we thought was our best night ever. We went to the college next to ours and went to their men’s basketball game. I go to an ALL girl’s college that’s why we went to another college to go to a game and our girls season here is over. The game was amazing we had so much fun. The intensity was crazy, me and Claudia (conqueringcollegeabroad.wordpress.com) were into the game like we were on the court with the players. The team lost and we were so worried that they would be too sad to party so we became sad too. Our prediction was right after the game the parking lots were super empty and no one was outside. We came up with the theory that everyone was showering and changing for the parties later on so we decided to go to Krispy Kreme. There are two reasons why Krispy Kreme was amazing; so when we pulled up I saw my 3 friends who when I’m with them I always have the best time ever and after seeing them and after talking to them for like 5 minutes the Hot Now sign came on, overwhelming right? I was one happy college party hopper that night. I got 3 donuts and ate all of them that night. After that great adventure there we went back on the campus searching and nothing was going on. Next we went were we thought that all college kids went at midnight if they are not partying which is cookout and guess what, it was empty. But Claudia had a milkshake, I ate some fries, and my roommate just shared with us. We did a little bit of snap chatting and talked for a while about how much we wanted to hang and meet people. Ok so we had food in our system and tried one more time but it was a fail. We gave up and went back to our room and just watched movies and hung out. I know we sound party desperate and that’s because we were that night, we wanted to just party I guess we were just asking for too much. It was worth every moment so the disappointment wasn’t too bad.

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