College is NO joke!

I knew it was going to be hard coming into college, especially because I came early. I am currently taking biology and it is a ton of stuff to remember. When I try to read the textbook it is like a foreign language to me. I just don’t get it. I took biology my sophmore year in high school the first semester so it has been a good minute since I took the class. The staff here at my school are willing to help me with ways to increase my academic success, which I am so thankful for. I have been going to tutoring and the tutor is very helpful; I actully don’t know her name, I should figure that out. We have a test every Friday and on each test is over 5 chapters of information to remmber.  At first I felt like I had this whole collge thing under control but after two weeks I was so tired and overwhelmed from all the work I had to do on top of my workouts for tennis. On my way to class one day I was contemplating ways to “de-stress” my life (my two weeks as a college athlete) and i thoughth that in order to do so I had to be in control of my time throught the day as much as possible. That wonderful thought gave me the idea to make a schedule for everything that I was doing each day and the time period in which I will do those things. The key to this is to actually FOLLOW IT and make it a routine thing don’t just do it for a couple of weeks and stop. I was talking to my roomate about how making my schedule will be especially good for when Jan Term is over and I have multiple classes to take, more practices, and matches that will aslo take up alot of my time. I will post a picture of my schedule later in the week so I can show you guys my schedule for the whole week. What do you do in order to organize your day and all the things you have from school to sports to social life?

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